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Message from the President

author:source:Time:2019-11-13 09:55:08

On May 3 2016, Wenzhou Business College was officially converted into an independent undergraduate school with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Looking back on the past, remarkable and fruitful results have been achieve by the City College of Wenzhou University, the predecessor of Wenzhou Business College(WZBC). In 2011, the college became the only independent college among the pilot universities for comprehensive reform of private education nationwide. in 2012, the college was approved to award bachelor's degree. From 2013 to 2016, the school was continuously awarded "China High-level Independent College" by Wu Shulian's "China Independent Studies College Ranking". 

Mencius said, “It’s a delight to get from the whole kingdom the most talented individuals and teach and nourish them.” The college follows the teaching philosophy of “serve society, follow industry trend and go global” and is committed to training “sophisticated yet decent” talents  with modern business spirit and technical know-how. Now the college has become a provincial pilot undergraduate institution with a distinct feature for applied technology. It is also the only business college in southern part of the Zhejiang province.

The college will build its future on the past honors and teaching resources, and cooperate with the International University Alliance to enrich its education. Cooperative relationships have been established with more than 30 well-known institutions at home and abroad, including the University of Miami, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and University of London. Through experiential learning with an international perspective, students enjoy high-quality international teaching resources, benefit from academic exchanges and improve their critical thinking and professional competency, thus become innovative talents with global vision. 

We will adhere to the motto of “Forge Ahead and Keep Abreast of the Times”, be enterprising, innovative and stay true to the spirit of integrity and pragmatism, so as to make Wenzhou Business College a first-class business school with distinct features.

Li Yang