Wenzhou Business College (WZBC) was founded in May of 2016 with the official approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Its predecessor was City College of Wenzhou University. Professor Li Yang, president of WZBC, was once vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Wang Luolin, honorary president of WZBC, was once member of the CPC Central Committee, standing vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of Policy Advisory Committee of Ministry of Commerce.

★Pilot College with Distinctive Features

WZBC is a national pilot college practising educational system reform as well as a provincial pilot college preparing undergraduates distinctive for their mastery of applied technology. It is the only business-oriented institution of higher learning in southern Zhejiang. As suggested by the name, Wenzhou Business College takes business discipline as its mainstay while seeking a coordinated disciplinary system between economics and management one the one hand and engineering, literature, and art on the other hand. At present, WZBC offers twenty-three undergraduate programs and five junior college programs. Being closely geared to the needs of such causes as “National Financial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area”, “Center for Modern Tertiary Industry and Port Logistics in Southern Zhejiang” and “Fashionable Wenzhou”, graduates of WZBC have been welcomed with an average employment rate of more than ninety-five percent in the past three years.

★Quality Human Resources and Sophisticated Facilities

WZBC boasts an academic staff of high-caliber. Of the four hundred and seventy-six full-time teachers, thirty-five percent of whom are associate or full professors, and sixty-two percent of whom are conferred master’s or doctoral degrees. In addition, the college has launched a brain-gain project aiming to introduce one hundred scholars,one hundred entrepreneurs and one hundred industry experts in a flexible way.

WZBC has built five experimental teaching centers to serve its different disciplines, among which the Economic and Management Experimental Teaching Center has been listed as a model one in Wenzhou. At the same time, WZBC has formed seventy-two teaching practice bases with the help of enterprises and jointly set up special classes like “Alibaba Class”, “Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Class” and “Futures Order-form Class”.

★Incubator for Competent People

To turn out competitive professionals and graduates, WZBC has established eleven research centers, to name a few, Zhejiang Service Center for Automobile and Motorcycle Spare Parts Technological Innovation, Wenzhou Research Center for Regional Economy and Private Capital, and Wenzhou Research Center for Financing Guarantee. Regional economy, non-governmental finance, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and education of entrepreneurship are the core study objects of the mentioned institutions.

To consolidate education of innovation and entrepreneurship, WZBC has been reforming its teaching system. A three-tier mechanism of entrepreneurship education combining school, college and the society has taken shape. Students have benefited from such reform and have won first prizes in provincial and national College Students Academic Science and Technology Competition. The entrepreneurship rate of graduates reaches more than eight percent, ranking the second among colleges and universities in Zhejiang province.

WZBC attaches due attention to cultivation of love and responsibility. “Express Love” has found its way to quite a lot of places and donated for more than five thousand needy people. Some student societies (namely, Green Bean Environmental Protection Organization, Han Song Association, and Taekwondo Association) have been among the Top-Ten in Zhejiang province. Student volunteers’ monitoring the water-quality of over ninety rivers in the province in the past three years has been highly spoken of by Mr. Xia Baolong, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province.

★International Perspective and Cooperation

WZBC aims to be international. Students admitted into the college in and after the year of 2016 will be partly-funded to study or practice abroad. By doing so, students are expected to be a better version of themselves in terms of vision, quality and capability.

International School was set up to promote and take charge of WZBC’s international cooperation. The School has had ties with more than thirty overseas universities, some of which are University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of York, and University of Edinburgh. And a wide variety of international cooperation programs have been there for students to choose, study of “4+1”, “3+1+1” and “2+2” both at home and abroad being one of them. Collegiate visits, student and teacher exchanges, short-term study, paid internships are also available. Over five hundred students are now registered in those programs.